Pick a van


Van = Transit.

If you buy anything else it marks you out as a bit of a muppet.


There is truth in that.


Do you need to carry 8x4 sheets of ply or plasterboard?


No,lathes,milling machines and other workshop bits, and occasionally a sound system.

We can get a couple of metre length lathes and stands (like pic) in at present,but would be handy to have a bit more space.Also has to be a bit comfortable for 600 mile round trips



You don’t need a Transit then :grinning:


No you don’t, Sprinter for the win.


Porsche B32 for all the wins



Ended up with one of these



Excellent, what bucket have you bought to go with it?


Not my van,i’d probably go for one of these if it was though;


Good choice, the side handles should help with aim on sitting. :+1:


Sitting ?



e’s from Yorkshire, e always drops is H’s


It’s true, I do live near 'ull.


And owden


So long as I don’t drop the bucket… :nauseated_face:


Is Aire Street still a ‘lively’ night out at the weekend?

Fuck, we had some wild times there!!!

I remember The Royal and The Lowther, but I think there was a third pub down there???


The Mackintosh, aka the Mac.
There’s a couple more down there now.
The Drake is a hotel/pub, fairly posh for Goole.
(They change the sawdust weekly).
Then there’s the Jail House, where the serious drinkers go.


Yes, The Mac.

First day there, everyone told us to avoid Aire St. So where did we go first night?

Yep, Aire St. Great times.


It’s probably past it’s peak, them were t’days, but it’s still the liveliest street in town.