Pick me an awful car


Losing the company Astra but will get use of the van.

This means I need a sensible, practical car that does excellent mpg.

But since I don’t need to commute in it I fancy something that can only lead to regret and destitution.

£2-5k budget.

Something either small and fast(ish):

Or colossal:

Weird Japanese imports also appeal. Nothing over 30mpg please.


Mercedes CL600. Massive electrical failure and bills almost guaranteed.


Oh I love those. But @coco has banned Mercedes.


Bah, only the puny CL500 is currently available




InB4 LS400.



No shortage of them, also like the S class.


Not 2+5k, £2000.00 to £5000.00.




I love looking at stupid cars on Autotrader. It’s a great passtime.


Close :unamused:


Probably too reliable for you. 2006 Honda Legend 3.5 i-VTEC V6 EX 4dr 59,000 miles


Have sold a ton of shit on eBay, old consoles and the like plus the sp10, oh and the Eames chair I found in a charity shop :smiley: passtime becomes reality, what’s the worst that could happen?





All Italian cars are banned unless Maserati.



Be REALLY careful with cheap Rolls/Bentley. The running and servicing costs can be VERY high. Think £5 - 10k per year to really keep one up together. If you can’t afford this, stay away.

Experience speaks. :disappointed_relieved: