Pick my son a car

Any excuse for a stupid car thread. Child is 17 next month, looking to get him a car soon.

He’s 6’6” so some smaller cars are out.

Must be manual, prefer petrol, maybe £5k budget.

Insurance seems to just be a random number generator.

My current top pick ignoring any of his (wrong) preferences:


1.2ltr octavia prob worth a look.

Buy him an Aygo though, please… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

C1/aygo we’re top of the list (cheap to insure). But in some ways I’d rather he have a larger car.


He might fit in a recent (2016 style) fabia. The 1.2 is cheap to buy and prob not much more than the C1 class to insure, plus it has 4 doors, 5 seats and a decent boot

I’ll give them a look. And put them in the random number generator.

3 series BMWs are oddly affordable to insure especially estates.

Say no more


Currently facing a similar question, thankfully FOL#2 is slightly less tall, but this is tempting, and has no headroom issues:

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Well, for both of you, very lucky children, to have such nice cars, as a first car.

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@edd9000 Haven’t you got a ‘fleet’ of cars that only need a small amount of work to get them going already?

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It’s a balance, but newer cars are cheaper to insure and with the market the way it is it just seems the best approach.

Just the mini, but with 200bhp he’s going no where near it.

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Yep, Toyota in grandad spec is always a winner for affordable insurance.

Random number generator says no.

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What about a Jag S-Type or X-Type, plenty and cheap and likely cheap insurance?

Most autos, also daft insurance on what I found.

Will also be doing decent mileage so needs to be semi economical.

My first car was a large hatchback - if I could have found an estate at the price, I’d have bought one, reason being - shagging. At that age a bit of privacy form the rents is vital. Embarrass the shit out of him by telling him this.

Hard to beat a 'yota for reliable, too.

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It even has F1 DRS for overtaking.