Pickled Onions

Are there any decent shop bought ones or do we have to enter pickled onion faff land?

I like these

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the very reason I ask was we just opened a jar of those, and they were on the soft side of crisp…so it got me thinking were any shop bought ones crisp?

Just trying to remember if I’ve ever had a commercial offering that didn’t have a certain amount of squish, and I really can’t say that I have, and I do tend to buy the posher brands, especially at Xmas.

Have a go yourself maybe?

am pondering - but I am intrinsically lazy

Try these?


I like pickled onions

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never, and we shop at Ocado…

The last few jars of these have been fine


These have also been OK

Do they count as part of your five a day. If so might treat myself not having had any for decades.

Sadly onions, shallots and garlic don’t.

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Do your own I reckon. Shallots, sterilised jars and pickling vinegar. Easy squeezy.

I do a few kilos every September, perfect in time for Christmas.

I find pickled shallots to be slightly crisper than onions but think it’s luck of the draw dependant on storage conditions and time on the shelf. I like the ones they add a bit of chilli to. Extra gusty.

Our local handyman makes them. They are quite spicy. I get a large kilner jar a year.
Narelle brought home some from another neighbour last week. These were pickled using Balsamic. Very nice but very different.

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My favourites, plenty of spice in those.

I’ve posted this recipe before and quite a few liked it, so worth posting again.

Quick picked onions:

Peel some shallots (or any strong onion) and thinly slice into a bowl.
Add a tablespoon of cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of sugar, plenty of freshly milled black pepper and a pinch of salt.
Mix well and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes.
Drain excess vinegar and serve.

Quick picked onions are especially good in a cheese and onion toasted sandwich :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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My grandad was the onion pickler in our family and, when he died, my dad took it on.

My dad died nearly four years ago now, so I’m guessing it’s time I picked up the baton because shop bought ones just aren’t the same. And those manufacturers that put sugar in the jars that are not specifically labelled as ‘sweet’ pickled onions need a visit to the CP thread. :rage: