Pictures are now blocks of single colour?

Not sure what to make it, shiny brand new second hand topic

All ok here.

No problems with pictures on my phone, iPad or PC, The rest of the content is utter shite of course, apart from the shit jokes thread, which is meant to be like that. It is @Jim’s :santa: turn for the AAAC too :scream:

Seems fine now

Hows this look? It should be a picture of naked ladies.

Filth! ::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I love the way two people have actually clicked on that.


hehehehe, 4 now :slight_smile:

I’ve started getting external links with images displaying strangely - anyone else having the same issue ?

No I’ve not had that either!

Nope, not had that. Might be useful to state what device and o/s you are using.

It’s an HP laptop running Win 10 but I think it may an issue with the Edge browser - maybe after an update (:crazy_face:) as it’s only started recently.

Edit: defo a browser issue as it’s fine in Firefox.

Will investigate further.

The answer to these investigations should be to delete Edge which is a dogs breakfast. Firefox is not much better, but at least it is vaguely reliable

I agree. It is typical Microsoft - it worked well at first and does some things well but over time it’s become, as you say, a dogs breakfast.

I tried Chrome but didn’t like it much - what do you use ?

Bearing in mind I’m quite technically challenged something straightforward would be good.

I’ve used Firefox for years without issue. It is rock solid and easy to maintain. I’ve not tried chrome for years, but it was annoying the last time I used it, so it got deleted.