Plumbing help

I’ve fitted a new towel radiator (ladder type) and only the top heats.

The flow and return are both connected at the top as was the one that has been replaced.

Just removed it to check for where the baffle is only to find there isn’t one.

Anyone know if re-plumbing it so that it is connected on diagonal corners would solve the problem caused by the lack of baffle?

Air in it?

Though usually that’s at the top and I’ve never fitted any with a valve at the top. I’m out, sorry.

As heat rises, I would connect the inflow and return to the bottom as ours is…

I think when the connections are both at the top it is self bleeding.

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What I was thinking was if I feed it from the top and return from the bottom it should take the coldest water out first but don’t know how the flow rate effects this.

Plumbing help

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You forgot to charge VAT and only take cash.

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I’d imagine when you ‘play plumber’ that is a very different game. :eggplant:

Ohhh Lala !

You can do that, feed top, return bottom opposite. If feed and return are at top then flow will be across the top rail only.

That’s what I thought, thanks for confirming.

Serves me right for buying the cheapest replacement I could find with the same pipe centres, the old one obviously had a baffle.

Off to screwfix for chromed pipe.

Don’t forget to buy a tin of brown paint so that you can enjoy the official AA plumber’s ceiling.


You can get ointment for that :ok_hand:

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