What should I be listening to on my commute? Owt you’d recommend?

I’ve enjoyed the Obama/Springsteen ones in the past.

Rich roll can be good also.

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Big fan of The Rest is History.

Sideways ( Radio 4) can be interesting.

Peel acres for muso chat.

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MrsKettle enjoys No such Thing as a Fish.

For you?

+1 for The Rest is History. The Rest is Politics is also quite good.

Pivot and The Prof G Pod are also quite good, for discussions on issues surrounding Big Tech in the US.


In Our Time (r4) can be excellent and there’s an enormous range of topics


Adam Buxton THE ADAM BUXTON PODCAST podcast - Free on The Podcast App and Sports Horn is hilarious IMO https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/sports-horn/id1642887383
Rest is history very good too

And the acid capitalist ‎The Acid Capitalist podcasts on Apple Podcasts if you want to get into the dark world of money and how it moves and shakes stuff - Hugh Hendry is a legend.

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