Poll: Network storage configuration


Interesting this, got me thinking.

After a recent helpful W10 upgrade my Netgear Duo stopped me from writing to it. I could see all the files and play from it it but not add anything. Works fine on the Raspberry with Linux. TBH it’s a pain to work with and very slow so I was looking at a replacement and was thinking of the Synology DS 118.

Then I got thinking as to what I wanted it for. I only want to play music ripped from CD’s. Everything else is either streamed or vinyl. No need to share photo’s, doc’s etc.

So I’m thinking of just connecting an external drive with the tunes to the existing PC that runs spotify etc, controlled by JRiver. We can access this from any device.

Seems too simple, am I missing anything?


Sounds like a permissions thing on the Netgear. You could use the PC, but it would need to be on all the time - that’s the big advantage of a NAS, on all the time and low power usage.


Yes, sounds like that. I’m looking at that at the mo.

Laptops always on anyway.