Pork scratchings


Well seeing that there’s a lot of owners here…

Here’s mine…


Can’t imagine why, but this seems an appropriate thread for a link. What about this one?



Haha, that’s classic for a hifi forum, which specialises in spending a fortune on clobber that’s complete and utter luxury… no more no less…


Why does it have an aerial sticking out of it? Bet it’s a remote control one not a real one :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the colour, BTW.


Haha, my other one is a more lairy colour…

Did you get one btw??


See my avatar! :smiley:


No piccies of yours Pete or has it broken down again😛


Thought as much wasn’t sure.

The build was great, just not sure what to do with it now, apart from display it on a shelf…


Is that a golf club somebody has thrown at you?



Yeah, same here, no idea where to put it! It’s quite big!


I always fancied one of these, looked sort of usable everyday etc.


That’s the one with the VW van engine isn’t it?


Possibly, I thought it was a Volvo engine, but hey what do I know :slight_smile:


Fuck all, obviously. :grinning:


Ah shit, you got me there!


Just checked wikipedia and it looks like your right, silly me :slight_smile:


Yes, very reliable, get a good one and watch its value go up!!


Or a 944 S2 Conv like wot I 'as got like.


old one

current one
Untitled by uh_simon, on Flickr

and the one on order (image from the configurator)