Portable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speaker thing?

FoL#1 Ellie is off to Uni in September, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to take her little HiFi (Techie SL1700, Teac AH500 amp & matching cd, Chromecast Audio, some NAD bookshelf speakers).

I thought I’d treat her to a decent boom box for doing so well in her BTEC.

Needs to be iPhone compatible, reasonably robust so she can take it down to the beach, sound decent enough and £250 ish?

I have a JBL Charge 5. Does a pretty decent job to me


Same here its a great bit of kit, charge lasts around 20hrs and sound is pretty good.

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JBL flip is well regarded. I’ve been impressed by the B&O portable speakers and i use one in the garden. So as per tradition, double the budget… Though going for £400 in some places. It will also QI charge her phone as well as looking cool as fck.

Beolit 20: Powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker (bang-olufsen.com)


This is what I use. Super bit of kit.

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Also not dust or waterproof, so no use for the beach… and as she’s going to Bangor, that’s a consideration.

Nice though.

JBL looks like it’s going to fit the bill, can buy her a carry case with the change too.

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I have one of these.
Decent sound for what it is

Edit : not sure about the beach!

Bangor. Unfortunately chances of her getting to use the beach between Sept and June are pretty slim unless she’s wearing thermals.

What he said :+1:

FOL#1 and #2 have them and are v happy with them. When together they even pair for stereo

JBL all the way. I’ve got the 3.
Have a look at the official JBL site. They have a refurbished section, full guarantee, for cheaper prices. There’s an Extreme 3 there that would fit the bill.
And a Charge 5 for £103

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@Rob998 If you buy direct from JBL PM me as I can give you a 20% off code


This is on a deal at Richer at the moment :man_shrugging:

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