Portable music / hi res players that support apps

I’ve started walking to work and I’m also giving the couch to 5k thing a go. At the moment I’m using my iPhone for music and the 5k app but I’d like to be able to have a dedicated music player and be able to use iem of my choice.
The last mp3,I had was my iPod Classic so I’m not sure what’s about and if I what i want is even possible ? In terms of apps I’d just want to be able to put strava , couch to 5k and a couple of others onto it.

Thanks in advance.

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I did a big search of portable players last year from the cheap (Cowan etc) to the premium. In the end I bought a 256 GB iPhone and use TIDAL. A proper headphone amp makes a big difference though so an Audioquest Dragonfly is useful, as are the Audeze range of 'phones that bypass the DAC in the iPhone.

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Are you streaming Tidal or downloading?

Android phone with a really big SD card?

And your (?) Cyrus soundkey?

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The LG Android phones are meant to sound the best, why not get one one from a year or two ago?


I just download from google Play or Amazon HD , depending what album I want, so as not to use up my data and use my phone. Cyrus soundkey for amp/dac.

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The LG V30 has a Sabre DAC and SD card slot, and you can get new ones from the USA for under £150. They might even come with the B&O headphones! Might get stung for duty.

While the V40 has a quad DAC developed with Meridian.

Edit: brand new £215 delivered from the USA, no extra tax to pay

there is your problem…Android

Ah, didn’t notice that. Sorry. Still, a phone not used as a phone is still a reasonable shout.

Trouble is in know how to work my iPhone ! Though now they’ve ditched the 3.5 jack I’m ready to bite the bullet and try and get my head around a new os. Annoyingly the only reason I upgraded to the 8 at the time was as I dropped my 6 in water. I used the Arcam case with that too. It would have been perfect for what I need now.

I think I’ll look into these LG phones mentioned.

can’t you use the Apple Lightning cable to use the USB on an iphone? I’m not an Apple person but during my research I seemed to see this pop up quite often. Can then connect an amp/dac and then some wired phones? Or am I barking up the wrong (apple) tree?

If you’re running then wireless earbuds are the way to go. I just use my iPhone and Tidal as @htm_1968 suggested.

Critical thing is comfort combined with a secure fit. I’ve had some Bose Soundsport for a while now and they’re decent without spending a ton more for SQ which isn’t that important when you’re pounding the pavement ime.


iPhone and Tidal is a match made in Heaven.

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