Portable music player

I’ve had a Fiio X5 for some time now. Sound quality great, interface is a bit dated and laborious to scroll through, but the worst thing is lack of decent playlist facility.

I use mine when camping through a speaker and like to play all manner of shit and create and adapt playlists on the fly. I can do this off iPhone too via Tidal and Amazon music but it canes my download allowance.

Anyone recommend a really user friendly music player that is particularly good with playlists, can store a lot of albums (through micro sd cards) and if possible also stream Tidal?

Just download the music first over wifi.

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Cheap android phone or tablet? I use an Amazon fire hd8, which takes sd cards and has all the media players you could hope for,including tidal. No idea about sound quality though.

My iPhone was a deal and it has 128gb

I just download tidal stuff offline and stack it all up. Loads of it.
Shags up my 12gb iPad though when it all syncs.

Do people still sync their phones? Why? What with? Doesn’t the software know they’re different devices? Count me baffled…

All I know is that when I download music offline from Tidal it stores it.
My iPad has tidal as well and it has the same download list as it uses my log in.
So I have to keep deleting the stuff from it as fills it.

Suppose I should just delete tidal off the iPad!

Really? That’s just awful programming, I’ll check mine! Wouldn’t surprise me at all, Tidal is genuinely awful in terms of UI

Yeah I thought that but must be doing something wrong as it still uses up all my allowance.

I’ll load Tidal on my iPad which doesn’t have a simcard. I suppose on my phone I could disable mobile data from Tidal and Amazon in settings.