Power amps Phonostages tubes etc

I am having a clear out to make space in my spare room. The thing is I can’t at this moment facilitate the packing of posting. I have lots of tubes, nos etc that need pricing and I have my Rogers Phono Stage, Cymer 35 southern stars tube power amps and various cables some brand new. All need to go.
My older vinyl records that I will list here individually.
My pace is not the fastest nowadays but the prices will be fair to good for you guys. Cheers.


Bagsy any E82CC / ECC82 / 12AU7 / M8136 I can roll in my pre!

Ok. I will look.

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No rush mate, but thanks :+1:

Nos Phillips E82CC pair
Nos Telefunken ECC82 pair
Nos Tung Sol JTL-5148a single equivalent 12AU7
Nos Tungstram ECC82 pair
Any good. There may be more, I will look later.

Nos Tungsram ECC83 pair

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Phillips & Telefunken definitely.

Ok. There yours.

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When you’re ready, PM me with what you want for them and how best to pay you please Dave. Absolutely no rush whatsoever.

ECC83 pair, or 300b’s if you have any Dave.

If you do I can collect and also post small items on your behalf if that helps you out.

I will get them to you and you look them over and what you think there worth. I see eBay prices but we won’t be going that high.:+1:
Maybe a Meatman taxi could take them to Jim’s bake off?

Nos Tungstam ECC83 single.
Any good?
It would be great if you could collect and any help would be appreciated.

Actually a single one does work for me. Also do you have any pairs of ECC81’s.

Collection would have to be before Thursday, weekends and of course days without strikes but otherwise flexible.

I have 4 x Elrog 211 tubes used once.
They are originals from the old man himself.


Ok. No problem. Next week I might be tied up Thursday or Friday. Wednesday might be good. I don’t go out unless it’s the hospital.

ECC81 I will look.

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Mazda 6189/12au7wa pair.
Baldwin 12au7a pair.
Both could be Nos. certainly look new.


Looking for 10 type valves if you have any, and maybe a power amp to try valves, have you got a 211 to go with the Elrog by chance?

Only window shopping currently as not sure what to buy amp wise

No I don’t have a 211 amp. Sorry.

Hi Dave. If there are any 6922 I may be interested. I hope you are feeling a bit better.

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Happy to help with storage, hand-carrying etc.

Dave isn’t too far from me.