Pre Nap Diversions

After a hard day of ignoring responsibilities, it’s always good to switch off. Introduced via Mrs MWS this test / Game is a pleasant geographical diversion. It’s a basic ‘guess where this is’ type thing -The ‘world wide’ version is quite fun. So far playing without zooming on the map 4 miles is my top score.



Remarkable !!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Are you zooming in on the map?

If you let the film run long enough there is sometimes a clue then zoom in a bit on the mop and pick.

I think I’ll use this in lieu of a holiday - it’s really quite interesting. :+1:


It’s a bit morish

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Let me get this right, you zoomed out until Hamburg was written on the map? :grin:

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The way I’ve been doing it is to watch for 5 seconds then click on the map - No zooming!!!

The apps not working on my phone… Grrrr. Had assumed that the good lady started you off on a city street and then you had to guess the city as you zoom out.

Hahah No → Watch 5 secs → Click Guess → stick pin on map without zooming.

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Sooo addictive.

Best was 6 miles for Hackney.
Worst was thinking somewhere in Indonesia was in South America… 8,300 miles out. :joy:


Isn’t it!

Just went on for one go, ended up doing about 20 :roll_eyes:


After your long commute to a busy office, I can see this could could impact your productivity.