Preamp itch: Tron Seven Line stage pre -any good?

I currently have a belcanto pre 3 and was looking at trying something different - this came up on Pinkfish and I wondered if anyone had experience of, or good or bad things to say about them?

Bit of a downer is no remote but I can live with that as I mainly use the Pre for vinyl and my DAC has a remote.

I run the pre into Geithain active monitors.

Given I’m in the market, I’d be happy to hear about any other preamps that people would recommend or want to foist on me.

At around that price I would go for the ModWright 36.5 that Jack (has?) on his website, has remote and is much nicer than that Tron which has been doing the rounds.


Hey Ben, assume you would like to run balanced straight out the pre into your Geithains?

How long are the cable runs? I’ve always found a pre with very low output impedance works well (e.g. the Puresound L300 I had was perfect for this).

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Buy the LS 36.5

I’ve got one and it’s really really good (even more so when you bung some Reflektors in)

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If you mainly use your pre for vinyl why are you buying a line stage?

Prolly cos he has a Trilogy phono stage already.

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I have a Olde Shoppe Line Stage for £500 no remote.
See Arthur Salvatore for review.

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i remember reading a review of the tron against the hovland several times and it was impressive despite being a lot cheaper . there was one for 1100 pounds recently so slightly high price .

there is the reassurance of course that graham tricker can support you if any problems or upgrades needed

that said i would agree with comments re the 36.5 which is a sterling pre amp and also has great support and the main uk agent for repair is of course an AA member

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Didn’t the £1,100 one have old parts in a new case?

Thanks all cable runs pretty short about 3 meters.

And yes I have a Trilogy phono. I had a Modwright LS100 for a while, which was good, but I had a few noise issues with valves, which were kind of unlucky I think…but it would be worth me giving the 36.5 a try sometime - prices look good on those now, compared with a few years ago.

It’s all for a bit of fun/experimentation though so I’ll have a read up on Dave’s pre and who knows :wink:

I should have bought that Puresound off you when I had the chance Wayne; nothing used around now. Will keep an eye out though.

there was a L10 recently , i guess jerry has sold it .

Does it have the same output impedance as the L300 then?