Preamp leaking oil?

Recently sold an AN M-One pre and the buyer has said that on unpacking it is covered in oil. I’ve said the only thing I can think of is that a power cap has burst whilst it was in the airplane hold (shipped to singapore) as there seems to be too much oil for it to be an audio cap.

Has anyone seen this happen before or sound plausible?


I have oil in my kitchen and toolbox. If I was a total tool I might use it to rip a seller off on eBay. Photos of the innards are mandatory.

Wasn’t via ebay, it was via the wam, I said UK only but agreed to sell after he kept asking on condition he did bank transfer and arranged the courier himself.

He’s not getting a refund as it was working fine and well packed.

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PSU caps don’t have oil in them.

Can he open it and see where it’s coming from?

Smuggling cannabis oil inside electronics into Singapore - very shady. I would strike Singapore off your holiday list.

His chip pan :nerd_face:

How about contacting Audionote? They could verify if a transit leak of this scale is a possibility.

I’ve already told him to do that but as they’re closed today I was trying to see if anyone has seen this before or know if there any caps in the amp that contain enough oil for a spill this size.

You are correct if they are film caps, however, electrolytics have an electrolyte which can often look like a cooking oil. I suspect that in some asian caps they are one and the same, right down to the cooked fish smell.:slight_smile:

They’ll see it as an opportunity for a new capacitor range - impregnated with extra virgin oil for a pure sound, sunflower for brightness or diesel for more power lower down.