"Previously in this topic..."

Slightly random behaviour going on when I click into a thread at the moment, it seems to go 20 posts back from the first unread one sometimes for some reason. Possible options:
a) Rickety Galaxy S9 being odd
b) Owner of said Galaxy S9 being a knob
c) Odd thing happening with forum
Before option b) is confirmed, anyone else getting this?

it’s happening to me on my Galaxy S20 too, which is only about 2 years old. Maybe an Android thingy?

Yes, me too on Android.

Nuke the forum, you say?


Might as well.

I believe the 26th October is in fact the 6 year anniversary of the forum nuking.

And yes, this happened to me briefly too.


Fine on Huawei Android here


Same on my Apple

rm -rf

I’m guessing you don’t need sudo as you always log in as root :kissing_heart:

I suspect @browellm would have bombed the whole site back to the stone age if I had called this The “Previously in this thread” Thread.

I’ve had it happen on an iPhone at entirely random times.

Happening to me. Using Opera browser on Windows 10.

I get the impression that it’s struggling to / being a bit slow at saving back the last-read post in a given thread.

Happening to me too. Firefox on W10.

It is a new feature to remind you of what you have just read in the style of ‘in the last episode…’
To be honest I would have thought that half the forgetful old dodderers on here would be grateful.

AA should pride itself that the average man would view this place the same from top to bottom and all points in between


I’m nicking that gif :ok_hand: