Price help required for Avo mk3 valve tester

Thinking of selling my AVO as I’m just getting no use from it. It’s a mark 3 with the lid and original handbook tucked into the slot underneath.

My question is should I get it calibrated - what kind of difference might this make to the price, would it be worth it?

As well as cartridge fettling, I can also provide a recalibration service. I have the specialist equipment FIBREGLASS%20LUMP%20HAMMERS4


If it’s working reasonably well then personally I’d let the buyer get it calibrated if he wants to. I’d just show it working with a good-condition valve. One option would be to buy in a tested valve from someone like HotRox. Of course you’d then be dependent on the calibration of their tester.


Hi If you still have your Avo Valve tester for sale I would be interested.
Thanks Glenn

It’s not a great idea to put your phone number on an open forum.

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I edited your phone number out of the post.
If you would like to contact the seller directly with your personal details, you can send a PM.

Hi Glenn, I’ll send you some pics when I get a moment tomorrow morning.