ProAc response 1sc?

I’m thinking about trying something really different speaker wise.
I’ve seen some ProAc Response 1sc for sale at £800. I’ve not had anything like these before. My small speakers have usually been Royds. But I’ve not had small speakers for a while now.
Has anyone had these before and what do you think about them.
I’m told they like valve amps and are easy to drive.
Any thoughts or opinion will be useful

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Had a pair, didn’t like them, found them a bit boring and veiled. They like Sugden A21 amps and Target R stands.

Given a choice between 1sc and Jamo Concert 8, no contest Jamo all day long for me.

I should add, I have never liked any ProAc speakers, managed to own some Tabalette 8 as well.

I would find somebody with them and go have a listen as they are marmite.


I had some about 8 years ago, they are about as ‘pipe and slippers’ as you can get but they do make a nice sound. I really liked them at low volumes.

Wouldn’t use them with a valve amp though, tried them with a Croft integrated and the cones flapped like crazy. They need an amp with some damping factor.

I had them with a Sugden A21a2 and that was a great match (and the traditional pairing)


I actually preferred Harbeth 3ESR (washes mouth out), but these sort of speakers work at low volumes in small rooms with nice smooth trannie amps and music with fuck all bass.

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They worked for me as I was living in terrace with paper thin walls so it was low volume and no bass by choice.

I also had some p3esr and couldn’t stand them, possibly one of the worst standpoints I had and having owned the PMC Db1i that’s saying something.

Tend to agree with Bob (WTF?). They’re one of those speakers people want to like - they look purty, have some quality drivers in 'em and mumwife will allow them - but they’re going to be best near-field with a really-forgiving amp that swings plenty of current used to play girl-and-guitar / jazznoodles - small scale stuff at lower volumes…

So suitable for 95% of all audiophools then :ok_hand:

Just buy 'em - everyone has to scratch the mini-monitor itch, post 10 times about how much diff… er… better they are than whatever came before, then sell them.

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Only had one pair of proacs, these were floor standers.
Silky chocolate presentation is my useless description.
Very nice, but a bit to pleasant for me

Go listen to a pair first.

I think they’re fucking awful, dull things that suck any fun out of music completely - but you might like them :upside_down_face:

The answer is horns, well horn loaded. For that money go get a pair of Ta’us/ H2s instead, they sound ace.

I quite enjoyed having what I call Sunday morning speakers - ones I listened to while reading the paper and playing instrumental or chamber music quietly. It’s a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. I used Quad ESLs for the purpose, but these ProAcs would do the same.

They’re totally useless for playing anything orchestral, loud or with bass to carry a rhythm. They don’t give any real impression of live music because of that. But they can make a perfectly pleasant sound if you work within their capabilities.

Scratch the itch if you won’t lose money on them, why not? Just don’t base your entire system around them, as they’ll never be completely satisfying.


Me too ! Hopelessly over hyped.
I also used them with the proper four pillar half a ton stands that everybody raved about.

I’d be really tempted to try some of the Tablette 10s, not heard a pair but seem to get pretty universal rave reviews.

I really liked the pair I listened to. Until Nirvana was played through them. Completely fell apart with rock music.

Twenty five years ago I had proAC tablets on target R4 stands driven with a beard P100 mk11
and concur that they are fairly P&S and that horns do it better.

Somewhat later I had a pair of Lecson HL1 horns tatty but utterly brilliant - Why ever did I sell them for £90

Maybe try Linn Kan or AN J. Quite different sorts of things. But yet never know.

Or maybe just massive horns. Be nice that would. Massive ones. Horns. Not just big ones. Massive ones.


Thinking of proAC made me look at these same price and close to me


Looking for stand mounts . . . gets mahoosive theatre horns recommended . . . kwality ‘toiring :laughing:


Lopwell speaker? :smile:

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