Prog guy vinyl

My wife bought me. A job lot of prog stuff for Xmas not realising it was total fucking shite. It’s all excellent condition kept in plastic sleeves from new but a few had stickers on (lettraset type labels)

Stuff I can’t listen to (cos it’s awful) like loads of Mike oldfield lps I need to get rid of or swap for better stuff that sounds more like music and makes me feel less like I would prefer to visit the dentist than listen to this rubbish

9 rick wakemans (an insomniacs wet dream)

Plus a shit load of Alan parson

No idea of value and prefer to sell in lots rather than singles all bought new apparently and in better condition than the rest of my albums so thinking decent money

Drop me a line if you might be interested or know what these things are worth


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Al the sky, might have a listen to this though

Scan the bar codes in the Discogs app and it will tell you £

Also something to play them on equally hard to value

I get the discos idea but the range on there is huge and not very good at grading, will have a look though thanks

Worthless Terry-cack :rofl:


Bearings probably shagged if it’s been playing prog


It’s the thought that counts :smile:

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If all working ok.
I’d say a couple of hundred off eBay

I gave away some Oldfield vinyl this week too.
No idea why I ever bought that guff

V15 mk3?

Yep that’s the one

Th e deck looks very smart, wood is fab all detailing very crisp

Cart has a couple of spare styli (e type) and a spare head shell

The only issue is the lid which needs a lot of polishing to get it looking ok and one hinge the acrylic is cracked which would glue as it’s chunky

Feels like a lot of deck for £200 with the cart and spares, should it not be more than that. I guess eBay would be the best place as it’s not mine so need to get the best price

With the v15 I’d say £300-350

I’d sell the headshell and spare styluses separately as I doubt you will get any more for them bundled in with deck

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