Project phono box RS

Due to the paradise arrival this incredibly versatile thing must go to pay for it.

Tempted to keep it as a plan b but my bank balance says otherwise.

Up at £430 elsewhere but offers from meat heads will be sympathetically listened to.

Boxed as new. Easy to adjust load and gain, plus fully balanced and single end options.

Black. For those with photo allergies.

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Cool looking thing. I like the switches.

I fancy one of their CD transports.

Cracking phono, loads of connection and loading options. The on the fly variable mc loading is a great feature for tuning the load to your cart.

I’ll probbaly end up keeping this in case.

Of what I don’t know as the paradise is better than I expected. And I knew it was good…
This is just small and easy and a great option.

I’m a bit of a fan too, I use mine with the separate battery power supply.

I would like to hear the paradise

This lifts a good phono stage by a significant margin, ended-up spending ££££s to better it :+1:

This^ and I’m sure the red ass will be along to say that’s what he did

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Wayne (I believe) and I both had DIY batteries powering Pro-ject boxes a few years ago. I still have the battery I bought and (probably) the bespoke connectors …free to anyone interested PM me.



Pfft, I had the Pro-ject battery psu :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well you always are that bit more upmarket :relieved:


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I bought it off him…suckerberg

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Right. New amp with phono stage means I have a spare now just in case, so this is for sale again

Along with a silver project pre rs, and a black 4 way psu for the pre or any other pro ject box that uses one.

Prices are
Power box 4 way £399 (549 new) black
Pre box rs £430 (700 new) Silver

Or something else if you ask nice. The batteries I’ve never seen used so they are a deal of you need one!
Original and very high quality foam packed, double boxes.


The pre and power pack are still for sale.
Sensible offers invited. Under 400 for you lot.

About to sell this for 360… phono stage price (not both)

Prefer someone I know If any last minute interest…


Just the 4 way power supply left for any project owner who wants a distinct sound uplift!