Property pr0n - speaker ID please

Spying on near neighbours via The Modern House I came across this …

The speakers look very familiar, but I can’t place them. KEF? Any ideas please? This is starting to bug me.


Neat Ultimatum XL6 (first version)


That big curved light would have to go. Along with the off centre telly that’s too small for the room


Bit weird that someone is fly fishing with a large weight in a front room.

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Naim system on the shelf next to the right hand speaker?

That offset in two directions is horrible and I don’t even have OCD.
I do like the flooring and window though.
It looks like the parquet floor is a different angle to to the decking urggh

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Herringbone parquet and diagonal decking ? How vulgar :unamused:

Bingo. Thanks Bob.

Top bit looks like 500 series Meridian.

Looks like ECS EC2 stereo amp on the bottom shelf, probs 506 or 508 CD and 501 or 502 pre. Or maybe 507 CD Pre.

Might be some old Linn LK amps. Definitely not Naim. I suspect a very shouty vibe if they are Naim boxes with all that glass, parquet flooring and brick in there. The Neats are nice but the tweeter can be a bit hot. Think ‘brightly lit’ and not just because of the daft lamp…

The house is from the same “experiment” as mine, same architects and builders, so while the details are different, the basics (lots of glass, parquet, giant atrium suck-out) are the same.

Suggestions (other than “move house”) on a postcard please.

White ceiling. How drab.

Totally conformist.


I hate TVs hung on the bloody wall, they should be at eye height.


I think Ricks got some of those.

His are the earlier model, the MF5.

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You painted the shite brown over with a nicer colour yet?

That is not shite brown. It is skidmark. Shite Brown is in the heritage list of colours which The Ginger Michaelangelo* would never place on the ceiling of his lounge.

*I did consider The Russet Raphael as an alternative…