QED Quinex ICs

2x 1m and 3x 500mm £25 posted.

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Are these copper or silver?

Yes :+1:


Good. Are these the ones with the newer plastic plugs or the older metal plugs?

These are the quantum ones, that’s all you need to know :face_with_monocle:

I’m after something that gives silky smooth highs and open sound staging but with deep extended firm bass, will these suffice?

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Are they better than my Chord ones?

All of that plus lifting of veils and wifey staggered by the huge improvement :laughing:


Wet string in better than Chord :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you got any pictures?


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I had a full loom of QED silver Quinex back in the day.

Ditto. Life goals ticked. Only thing that got close to my BHB loom looking back on it all…

:astonished: Blasphemer !