Yup. I don’t get the whole Tidal thing.

Spotify FTW.


So far I much prefer Qobuz even to Spotify for music discovery. Loads of what they suggest is just great. Spotify was broad, but not actually so good.


Hmm ? Maybe I’ll give it a trial then.


Fuck Qobuz and their free trial of hi-res. Listening to Simon and Garfunkel on 24/96 and it sounds fantastic, like I have a reel-to-reel player in my own listening room.


This has been kiboshed by Qobuz. It appears that Qobuz won’t give the Roon developers sufficient access to their data to do the linkup successfully. More to the point, Qobuz are producing a Roon competing product. According to posts on the Roon forum the new Qobuz thingo isn’t very good, but I’ve not tried it for myself and suspect the opinions of potential fanbois.


That’s unfortunate for all concerned. I don’t see why Qobuz would get in Roon’s way - even if Qobuz were to come up with a player that also incorporated your own music, it still wouldn’t compete that much with Roon. Roon does much more.

I’m always amazed that the one system that plays everything is the old Squeezebox server. You can get iPlayer, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, just everything. It’s not been supported by its manufacturer for years, but still it’s the one that binds them all. Everything else seems to be a battle of egos.


I think Roon are claiming that the player side of things isn’t that hard. They can’t do the metadata side properly without better cooperation, which isn’t forthcoming.


I suppose Roon are asking for APIs that nobody except Tidal are prepared to cough up.


It’s hard to see anything but an upside for Qobuz though, in taking Roon customers away from Tidal.


That was the case, but this is relatively new:

and this gem for Muricans:

Which provides the prices. Roon themselves have not announced anything so WTF is going on.


So Qobuz say Roon is almost here, while Roon say not. Jolly good.


I wonder if Qobuz launching in the USA is behind the confusion?


It’s not the API’s as Qobuz have opened those to everyone. Roon needs a full copy of their metadata database in order in order to integrate it with their own database which is what Qobuz are refusing as they say it contains IP.


Ooh, Qobuz have introduced a £25 hi-res streaming plan, anyone gone for this? For only a fiver extra I might, since the new JRiver swaps sample rate well now. Hmmm…


I’m trialling it. I like it but I’m a high res believer … then I saw her face …