Quad 22L Speakers Cheap

These came in with a bunch of stuff. I have plugged them in, they play music. One corner has had a knock. They seem to do £500ish. Happy with £250 and £20 in the kitty, if you can be bothered to collect (Devon). You will probably get a fair few Dad / grandad points from your collage student child or grandchild. Open to trades - Records or other shit.


Back when Quad 11Ls were the darlings of the hifi press, these were actually the pick of the bunch by far - really decent, well-balanced speaker for peanuts :ok_hand:

Good as the basis for a cheap-but-good AV system too :ok_hand:

Need 22L


White tie/tails should be worn with a wing collar only.


Focus man damn it all!


I had a pair of these and we’re surprisingly good for the RRP money. I had just come from small pmc bookshelves so was pleasantly surprised. Easy to drive too as I recall.

Apologies these sold ages ago - please lock thread.