Quad 34 boxed

This 34 has a week’s tops unless the seller was spinning me yarn

Its in lovely condition with all rcas

I its3 weeks use out of it, but need cash so having to sell off bits I did nt want to

He sold quad and had a back room full of els 66s 67s 44s 405s 606s and this was one of the last bits to let go over the last 5 years

I only have his word on its provenance

In original box but no manual has the two unused unwired kettle lead

Pm me with email if interested

£350 posted in the uk
I got carried away in his story and over paid for it with the matching 306,so just tryinh to recoup some back

The chap was I his 7os so I to his word

If any interest I’ll sort some pics

Bump again