Quitting smoking

Trying the IQOS heat not burn gadget, tried vaping but couldn’t get on with it, hopefully can use this as a stepping stone to vaping and then giving up.


Best of luck with that, and I really mean that. Giving up the ciggies is a nightmare. I had my last in December 2002 a couple of months before my eldest arrived, but I still struggle. Not being able to smoke in pubs was a godsend as I really missed a cigarette with a pint. If I broke the fast I would be back on 20-a-day instantly. Evil fucking things. I hope this new strategy works out for you.

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I agree, I still struggle and allow myself the odd failure, Lopwell will be one. The vape has really helped but then I can go months without either. It’s took a long time to get to that from 20-30 aday. I still enjoy it.

I’m down to somewhere around 6 - 10 per day now but really enjoy smoking and finding something to do the last quitting bit has been nigh on impossible.

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best of luck - I’ve been off the fags for three years now, but was on NRT for two years. I tried vaping but it made me cough more than cigarettes. I also found that the act of smoking which vaping simulates was kept me smoking for longer - I had to break the physical habit of putting something in my mouth, inhaling and exhaling to give up, in addition to the chemical and psychological addictions.

I found the smoking cessation service at my local pharmacy helped me a lot - I went once per week for 12 weeks, and they tested my breath with a machine to see if I’d had a cigarette. For some reason I found that someone I didn’t know monitoring me on weekly basis was really helpful. And you can get NRT on prescription which made it cheaper.

I gave up for the first time about 28 years ago, cold turkey, no bother. Only gave up because Mrs Rob Mk1 hated it. I used to really enjoy it, loved the taste of a full strength Marlboro.

Fast forward about 10 years, split up with her, yay, back to 20 Marlboros a day.

Met Claire, she wasn’t bothered by them, but they were getting a bit expensive by then so I throttled them back a bit. Sometimes went a few weeks without smoking, without actually giving up as such.

Then one day about 8 years ago I sparked up, took a nice deep drag, and immediately puked my guts up. Can’t think why, wasn’t hung over or remotely ill at the time.

Not touched one since, even the smell knocks me sick now.

Good luck Chris.


Similar. 31 years ago I was smoking 70 a day and Narelle hated them (not that she would say anything). I started to feel uncomfortable about smoking around her, so I gave up - cold turkey. Never smoked a cigarette again.

I find I can smoke the (very) occasional cigar without consequences.

I enjoy smoking, but can go weeks without even thinking of it. I only smoke with other smokers, usually at the pub, and if I’m in the pub with non smokers again I just don’t think of it.

However, if anyone I’m socialising with has fags then I’m all over them like a rash, scrounging like a cunt.


Exactly my experience. I went to work in Hong Kong for 3 months in 2002. I knew the baby was coming and wanted to give up so I built up to a ceremonial last cigarette on my last night before flying back to Melbourne. Once I left the hotel bar I was determined to be a non-smoker. The fact the flight was delayed and rerouted through Sydney meant that I remained comfortably pissed (the flight was business class so I went for it in the lounges during the delays) or asleep (or both) through the initial cravings. It was two days before I sobered up enough to want a fag. I pity the poor fucker who sat next to me on the short hop from Sydney to Melbourne that night.

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I found giving up easy once I was actually serious about doing so. Too many times before I tried and failed. I realised that it was because I didn’t really want to stop. I must admit that the smoking ban did help though.

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First step in change is motivation. Without it, it’s just playing at it.

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As above, with the caveat that you have to be doing for for yourself.
I gave up about 13 years ago (I think). I went to a gig and at the time at that venue it was the artist’s choice whether it was a smoking gig or not.
Thea Gilmore was 38 weeks pregnant at the time so it was a no smoking gig.
After the gig I lit up as soon as i was out the door and realised there were a lot of people around me doing the same.I realised I was in a the middle of a mass addiction event and decided enough was enough.
I made an appointment at the Docs got some patches, stopped smoking and over a couple of months got off the patches.

It doesn’t matter how you stop, there are no extra points for cold turkey, do what works for you.
Stopping smoking is all about the destination, the journey is irrelevant.


recently restarted after 5 years off. Once the employment situation is sorted i will be back on the patches.

Me too, but Jackie gave up the fags when I got ill so I’ve forsworn the cigars too for fear of an antipodean ice-pick to the nadgers if I was caught. Being a complete coward has health benefits.

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And vaping is not stopping, it is just a drug addict changing the method of delivery. The addiction is still there.

I say stuff like that. Then I remind myself that ‘there is none so pure as the reformed whore’. (you need a strong Dublin accent for that to rhyme).

Given up a few times but always go back. I wish I wanted to stop but I don’t.

I swore I would not become a ‘Born Again’ non-smoker and I haven’t. I don’t make those comments to smokers or vapers, it is their choice, I love the fact that there is no smoking in restaurants or public places anymore though.

Me too, but it is easy to transgress.

I always fucking hated people smoking when I was eating so the smoking ban was brilliant as far as I was concerned.

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except that its much better for you without the hundreds of carcinogens