Rail strikes

I need to get to Maidstone on 2nd but see there are strikes planned for the 1st and 3rd. Not being a regular rail traveller I wondered if it worth the gamble or should I just postpone to a later date?

I’m a regular traveller on Southeastern, it will affect services. There have been quite long delays when I have travelled the day after a strike.

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If there are strikes 1st and 3rd then the 2nd will be fucked
I would postpone


Yes it looks like the only option.

I agree. Trains will not be where they are supposed to be and drivers shifts will cross over the strike periods.
It will be fucked !

Just been offered a Piping Superviser Job for a big American Engineering company, £65ph work 3 days at home and no RB35
Crap rate. Should be a day rate and more. Bloody Covid. I can hardly get of the sofa. :star_struck:


Dave they’re trying to get all the oldies back to work, your cuntry needs you :wink: on second thoughts stuff em.

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Tell them you’re appearing at the old Vic in an Easter Panto production of Joseph & if they want pipes looking at you know an out of work thesp up North who’d do it.

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Happy to have a go if they get stuck

Get well soon Dave !

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What a goodly idea. :flushed:

Not biting!


Tell Go On GIF