Random JBL speaker model question

Would anyone know if the Studio 280 http://uk.jbl.com/loudspeakers/STUDIO+280.html?dwvar_STUDIO%20280_color=Black#start=1

replaces the Studio 580 model that seems to be no longer available: http://uk.jbl.com/outlet/STUDIO+580.html

All the current floorstanding range seems to be 3 way instead of 2 way like the 5-series. I don’t know if sonically there are any differences between the models.


@ICHM is your man for this.

He is all things JBL

And Shakti stones?

An intriguing combination.

Foo apart, he’s heard/owned more JBL stuff than you could shake a stick at.

Its true. I have availed myself of his JBL wisdom in the past, it must be said.

A polished marble and chrome stick no doubt…


A Shakti stick surely?

Not heard the new 280 speakers from JBL, so can’t really comment.

The 580 is a two way with a compression driver, while the 280 is a three way and doesn’t. It’d be a shame if the 280 were a replacement for the 580, it seems much more boring.

Why would a three way be more boring than a two way?

Alas in my situation, the looks of the 580 mean it’s unlikely to be accepted as an option. The 280 is a bit more domestically acceptable.

It’s not the number of ways, it’s the compression driver. I’m partial to a JBL compression driver - indeed I have five pairs in my two main sets of speakers :blush: