Rat proof my arse

The rats have conquered the"rat proof" chicken feeder, it took them 5 years mind :angry:

Miraculous, gravity defying carpentry. :+1:


very persistant rat !! we have very persistant squirrels that dig up all your bulbs and climb up the bird feeder … still love them though as they are so mad

We have squirrels too, they have chewed through our neighbours plastic fascia and are nesting in the roof space.

oh my gosh !!!

And another thing :hot_face: We have 3 clumps of bamboo in our garden, all fine and keeping themselves to themselves, which surprised me as I keep reading about how invasive it is :thinking: The other day I cut one lot right back to get to the fence to repair it, fuck me, they are all now growing like wildfire an sending up shoots at an alarming rate :face_with_monocle: Do the fuckers communicate?


Don’t worry, there is no chance it will get like this before the end of the month. End of the summer, perhaps. :slight_smile:

Actually Arashiyama just outside Kyoto which we visited at Christmas.


Rat proof my arse

Shouldn’t this be in the DIY thread?


I was thinking Slaughterhouse or a new masochistic tendencies Sub-Forum.


Evil stuff, it is a forbidden word in our house

You need a pet.uXNHN7


As the keeper of Stronzetto I would like to apologies and make amends - Outside of glue, chicken pellets are a delicacy of his. I hope you can accept my apology and know whist he has gnawed your property he frequently gnaws my soul. I can send vinyl and or blended foodstuffs as compensation


i spent many days trying to eradicate bamboo , second only to japanese knotweed in my opinion . the bamboo went under a path and all over the place , we had to lift some very big slabs and relay to get rid of it . very invasive stuff

It took a couple of years to get rid of the bamboo in our front garden. Lots of digging out of roots. It was even pushing through the adjacent tarmac pavement. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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They are VERY noisy when in the loft above your head. Just ask my neighbours :laughing:.

Get a few mates around with shotguns…never heard of a bamboo shoot ?

Mates :thinking:

Reading the title, one has to ask the question why you would want to rat proof your arse?

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I have bamboo and it’s the devils weed, so difficult to contain or get rid of. It should be banned from being sold.

Anything that needs thick plastic or stone to contain it should be banned.