RC Cars

Eldest child is desperate for an RC car, anyone here know which grands etc I should be looking at for something decent? He’s only 6 so we’re not after anything groundbreaking, just something that’s not the cheap shit you find in a supermarket.

Tamiya are pretty good, if you’re prepared to do some assembly, which might turn into good dad and lad time?


Traxxas Slash. Has a beginner mode on the speed controller.

I bought our 6 year old a Tamiya lunchbox. I’ve had hours of fun with it.


How many grands have you got? :wink:

I bought my kids mini quad flying things for Xmas - the boy has one that has a camera on it that streams video to his phone and also comes with a phone app to control its flight. Cost about £12 IIRC from China.

At age 6 I woudn’t buy anything expensive and fast, they won’t be able to control it. Obstacles might be more fun than speed.

I’ve got my eye on one of those for my boys birthday


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You get to build Tamiya before you use them, I let my little one chose the paint and help put it together. Great fun.

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The Tamiya does seem to be a solid option, the Traxxas Slash stuff looks amazing but is probably more spendy than can really be justified right now.

Here you go, stone cold classic :heart_eyes:


That’s a finished kit too, so ready to go. Bet if you hunt around you’ll find the kit package cheaper.

Now that does lead to the question about whether to get one with a steering wheel controller, or one with joysticks.

Steering wheels are the norm and work fine.

There are lots of slash clones around, its just a good format for a beginner, the short course truck.

Just make sure you have an easy source of parts like suspension, you will break it.

Or, get an HPI savage, I have one, and its awesome.

Jack had a HPI savage when he was younger, it took some looking after but boy was it fun and fast.
He eventually sold it for the convenience of battery power.

I converted mine to brushless :slight_smile:

When I was a lad I raced a Kyosho Scorpion at my local RC car club - really is the perfect lad and Dad hobby.

1:10 scale is going to be too complicated and expensive (quickly!) for a six year old I think. Have a look at 1:18 scale by Associated - or 1:28 scale which is even simpler.

Associated is a top make, right up to world championship level.

Kyosho re-released their 1982 Scorpion kit. Probably aimed at grown-ups like me because this still … :heart_eyes:

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