Really stupid cable question

Probably the most Noddy, simple question asked this year, but I don’t know and need to know, so I’m up for the lambasting :roll_eyes:

Above is a picture of the 2 ends of my headphone cable. Both jack’s are 3.5mm.

If I plug the 3 ‘element (?)’ jack into the headphones and the 2 ‘element’ jack into the headphone amp all works perfectly. If, however, I reverse the cable, I only get output on the right hand side !

Why is this and is it usual ?

Also I need to order a longer cable, so what is the correct terminology for what I need to order ?

Thanks for your understanding and for helping the needy.

one of the 4 poles (3 element end) is probably for a mute button or similar (or they have split the ground for some reason). The 3 pole end (2 elements) is just stereo (L, R, ground).

Yes, there is a mute button inline, but a 3 pole jack each end lead also gives sound only on the right channel.

If it helps, at all, the cans are Oppo PM-3’s.

prob the sockets, or maybe the mute is connected to ground somehow - it might just short the signal lines to ground. Id say thats a 3.5mm 3pole to 4 pole cable youre looking for

like this?

I don’t need or want the talk control, but a 3 pole to 3 pole lead only gives output on the right channel.

You’ll need the right number of poles for the ground to line up in the socket.

You’re unlikely to get a plain 4 pole to 3 pole cable as the inline button is where the signal lines are joined - how would they know which two to join in a generic cable?

OK, looking at / thinking about it further, it looks like I might need a slim 3.5mm jack plug.

The ones on the 3 pole to 3 pole lead are normal, not slim, so, I think, won’t push quite far enough into the indented headphone socket.

Headphone socket and 3 pole to 3 pole jack pictured below.

If so, stupid design on the headphones.

They do this to make you buy the replacement cables from them at ten times the generics. Not so stupid.