Recommend a fan

Buy an AC, there is nothing better. Got this one back in 2020 and it’s been fantastic. Even when it’s 30c outside it will drop the internal temp from 26c to 20c across two rooms.

Uses quite a bit of power (1KWh) so is not particularly cheap this year :frowning:

That’s mad. It is a good fan but I’m not sure I’d pay that much for it.

I recommend onlyfans highly. Although it won’t do much to cool you down!

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Obvious jokes have obviously been posted before :grinning:

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Bugger! Late to the game as usual.

Don’t worry. Kevin will keep you in check around anything that has been posted previously in the past five years and encourage you to scroll up. He will also give advice on grammar correction at a moments notice. As the master pedant he keeps the rest of us in check. Sometimes I like to throw in a deliberate mistake to check he is still upholding his high standards.


Oh well, means I can relax then, saves me doing it! I’m resident pedant on pink fish for sure!


At some point in the future you may be tempted to experience the exquisite rapture of trying to correct ‘The Kev’, should he drop an occasional bollock.

The pleasure will be short lived. The Kev, jumps directly to Bond mode. Your garden gnomes will disappear only for you to start receiving postcards from them stamped from various golfing hot spots in the E.U.

£1000’s in donations will leave our bank account paid directly to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

You will find flaming brogue boxes placed on your doorstep overnight.

All this may sound weird, but it’s just an amuse-bouche, a light sparing from (As his strap line suggests) A Master black belt 2nd dan < pedant >

It’s little wonder AA also stands for Audio’s Anus. The last bastion for post Hi-fi malcontents - A home for the bewildered if you will.

Accept you have met your match.

(Feel free to correct any typos in this friendly note but know this will serve as itching-powder to: ‘The Kev.’ - See above for consequences)


Pedants are to be ignored and generally dismissed.


Dam strait there just a pain in the arse when they get triggered by the smallist mistake.


I’m waiting for the moment when Kev references something that was on the AA mk1

Who says pedants enjoy it ? Maybe they’re putting the effort in to fight the constant grinding corrosion of the rules which make stuff work ? Thin end of the wedge. Slippery slope. Today’s casual cocked-up comma* is tomorrow’s running of a red traffic light :grin:.

*Does Purgatory exist ? (Is that a deliberate mis-spelling of the author’s name in big bold letters at the top ?)

Some might suggest rigidity is also a mental health issue. Is peace of mind found in being uptight? Attempting to control the external environment to bring order to one’s inner world is a classic OCD marker.

You may well be right. But if all we can see is the attempt then we can’t know what the motive is.

Maybe their inner worlds are just fine but they reckon things, in general, would be better if they were done ‘properly’ ? I still have literally no idea what, if any, point Jamie Vardy was trying to make with CSGB.

Much of the pedantry on here is done in jest, I’m no doctor capable of diagnosis. My personal view is life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.

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Most online pedantry is - being charitable - a form of dominance display in lieu of hooting, screeching and slapping tree-trunks.

Amusingly, its most regular proponent is also one of the most regular offenders, to great petard-hoisting effect…

Can you get fucking married already

Which one are you?

Some of us only have small stuff :pensive: