Recommend a fan

I’ve been looking at fans today and I ended up confusing myself.

In the past I’ve used bladed pedestal fans, 3 speeds, oscillating, inexpensive but a little bit shit when it gets really hot.

Now there are bladeless fans, tower fans and even alexa controlled tower fans but I’ve no idea if these are any better than a cheap bladed pedestal fan.

I’ve linked above to three that have caught my eye. Any thoughts on those welcomed. Advice and / or alternative recommendations sought. Max budget £100. Thanks.

Stay basic and cheap. I have two pedestal fans and four round, oscillating, floor fans.
They all help cool.
Biggest thing is to keep the house shut up, blinds down, windows covered, and open one window, upstairs, on the coolest side of the house.


I’ve got one of these. You put ice blocks and water in a container at the back and blows out cool air. Remote controlled.

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I remember seeing Vybra at the Ideal Home exhibition once and was quite impressed. This seems very good value especially when it’s £20 cheaper than buying direct from Vybra.

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Cheap pedestal and table top here. One pedestal in the living room, and a desk top in the bedroom (on the dressing table)…so long as the air is moving, job’s a goodun.

We have had both metal and plastic versions, and plastic are, by far, the quieter.

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Swap your living room pendant and go down the light fan route , you can get some decent if pricey models these days. I’ve done our bedroom and it’s a godsend every year summer comes, remote control, dimming and timed switch off …

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Bionaire are a great quality blade fan, buy a big one and you can run it on a lower speed and reduce the noise while still getting lots of air movement.

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Sable Starr was a great fan.


Second vote for this. When we lived in Houston (same latitude as Cairo and also very humid once the summer’s warmed the Gulf of Mexico up) they were everywhere. Our bedroom ceiling fan made the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep and risking drowning in your own sweat. We had air-con but it was expensive and noisy and a bit ‘one-minute-too-cold-the-next-not-cold-enough’.

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I hate ceiling fans.

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I’m the same with desk fans

Just get aircon and keep quiet about it.


There is only one fan that can satisfy your needs


Our new (temporary) abode has aircon in every room - heaven basically.

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Bought a couple of these last year, convenient and powerful - fuck Amazon, they were £30 cheaper last year, should be findable elsewhere.

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Deluxe edition

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Thanks for all your advice which was helpful in pointing me towards a traditional fan rather than a tower.

I was quite tempted by the Igenix air cooler but ultimately I followed tried and tested AA procedures and ignored all your recommendations. I bought a Meaco 1056 fan.

It’s a Which Best Buy and T3 magazine said:

Arguably the greatest fan ever invented.

It’s a belter: pretty quiet, very cheap to run and is doing a great job cooling my room. Here’s a short video of it in action.


In other fan news, if you have Ryobi gear already they have a sale on fans here



Gotta love French pricing sometimes - 256€ for that over here.