Recommend a place to eat/pub in Durham

As per the subject title really, we have one night in Durham coming up soon, and we are staying about 10 mins walk from the Cathedral, on Old Elvet.

Not a great deal of choice tbh, apart from the restaurants on the hill up to the Cathedral…

However the food here is good if not adventurous imo…

The Town House, Old Elvet for steaks

The Fat Buddha, Walkergate for Asian (short walk from Old Elvet)

Last time I was at Finbarrs I was disappoint

That is where we are staying! The menu looked ok, but we like to get out and about a bit.

Sorry to hear that, I’ve eaten there several times and it’s been good…:thinking:

The food is lovely. Look out for the Rolls in the garden!

We used to arrange accommodation in Durham for visiting customers, consequently I used to dine in the City nearly every week. The Town House was always my favourite. Fat Buddha as I mentioned is good for Thai/Chinese etc. My favourite Indian was the Rajpooth on Claypath, whilst not the most fancy of establishments, the curry was always good. There’s a few decent Italian restaurants.

Depends what style of food you want really.

I had a hunch you might be. Which themed room are you in?

I have had good meals there in the past, just the last time wasn’t so good.


We like a decent ruby murry - so if there is a nice Indian near by then that’d be ok. As would Thai as well.


The Fat Buddha is about 10 mins walk, the Rajpooth maybe 15

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Both look great - I like the pan Asian menu at the fat Buddha

If you go to FB you should book in advance, it can get very busy

Thanks for the tip