Recommend me a day sack

Right my sack has split again and I am tired of sewing it up (or rather Louise is tired of sewing it up) - so I am looking for a new day sack for manly activities like carrying around mince pies, under armour and my stylish shoes for a night away.

So something around 27l to 30l in capacity but definitely no less than 27l.

ATM I like the look of this

this one is also a contender

I like the bungee straps on the outside - which is why I have chosen the above two…

Anyone got any other rucksack recommendation for hauling ones shit around with them?

Endless opportunities, right here




is that safe for work?

actually don’t even bother replying - cos I wont believe you!

I have an Osprey for long trips (65-70 ltr IIRC) and it’s the best large (ish) pack I’ve ever owned.

I use a Lowe Alpine day pack and it is very, very good.

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Well I searched for and posted it from work :slight_smile:



Ah I forgot about Lowe Alpine might suit my needs.

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They’re very well made. Had mine for a long time and it’s been on some pretty rough trips, yet still looks like new.

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I have an oakley sandbag thats done duty as day pack, overnight cram it all in bag, manly baby bag full of nappies, babywipes and milk, and is currently doing duty as a gym bag. It’s a bit tatty now after 13 odd years of use but still zips up and keeps stuff inside itself. Not sure if they do an equivalent nowadays but based on its performance i’d not hesitate to recommend one. I think Oakley was taken over by one of the big fashion conglomerates a while ago though so their quality may have fallen, I still buy their glasses and they seem OK though so you might be alright.

after trying loads, and taking advantage of a deep black Friday discount, I ended up with the Osprey 28l one I linked to in my opening post.

thanks to all who recommended something


Thus winning the internet

of course, but at least I tried all the others.

I upset the staff in Blacks in WGC, by getting all their bags off the display, trying them on, and then removing the plastic stuffing from 6 of the bags so I could checkout the internal pockets.

Did you used to annoy hifi dealers by trying six different arms on a record player? :wink:

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But did you buy the Osprey from them?

Answer = yes = they made a sale, they should be happy

Answer = no = you are a cunt

Answer = they didn’t stock the Osprey = fair enough = the Blacks staff will still think you’re a cunt

in another age I used to work for Lasky! I been in the receiving end

they stocked the Osprey, and the North face, and the Lowe Alpine, and other brands I was surprised by the variety they had.

and yes I bought from Blacks, it was a tad more expensive than online but I was really happy with them and their staff

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I’ve got an Osprey sack (think it’s about a 35-40l) and it’s seriously comfy. Should give you years of good use.

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