Recommend me a photo editing app for Android

Need something that enables me to save images with a reduced file size. My phone is taking 13-14MB pictures…

You wanting to do it on the device, Gareth?

I think photos that are backed up to Google on anything other than a Pixel are compressed automatically.

Yeah, on the device.

I use this, perfect for when you take a pic with a huge file size on your phone and you want to upload it to the forum
I only really use cropping and resizing

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Cheers Kev, will give that a try

I use Photo and Picture resizer from the Play store.

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That might be better than the one I use.
I basically just picked a free one that did what I needed, but it does seem more complicated with far more features than I would normally use.
Having said that I managed to use it OK so it can’t be that hard. :grinning:

I use GIMP on my laptop, it’s very good. There is an android version available


Why not just turn down the resolution on the camera app?

Because you want the full pic on lap top screen or TV or to keep.
But I don’t need anything more than 600 x 600 for the forum, thinking of hosting costs etc

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Hosted image links are best for the forum.

Snapseed is excellent. Free and no adds

Lets you do loads of stuff. Never tried anything else mind.


Yes but since Photobucket became a total clusterfuck I don’t have that option.
I used to save every album cover to PB and link to it at one time.

Why don’t you just do an image search from your browser? It brings up dozens of results.

I use Lightroom for my photo management and Lightroom mobile is excellent - also great because it syncs really well with Lightroom catalogue. Probably not so good if you don’t already use LR though. Snapseed is very good.

I also use Enlight on IOS now called Photofox - that’s a good app too; I think it’s available on Android too.

Like that :+1:

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