Recommend me a soldering iron

I have a cheap gas one, but it’s not very good, so looking for a 240v iron for very basic PCB work, tinning leads etc.

I know Weller are probably best, but looking for something a bit cheaper, say £50 ish?

I bought this from Maplin many years ago, got to be 15 years. I don’t use it that much but it works fine particularly o delicate jobs.

£25.00 today.

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I bought one of these a few weeks ago.

Used it in anger a few times since and it seems to work well

Also have one, ok for small scale stuff but even on higher temperatures the tip cools a bit quickly when working.

Worth getting a temperature-controlled one with decent wattage for the odd times when you’re trying to tin something bigger than a PC component (e.g. speaker wires). I use an Edsyn Loner that I picked up from ebay, but Z-M’s looks decent for the price. Worth getting a few bits of different sizes too,

I use Metcal, Hakko, Pace and Weller soldering, desoldering and rework stations. The most versitile soldering station of them is the Weller WTCPN. With a good selection of tip profiles you can solder pretty much anything. I’ve fixed car radiator leaks with my one. Spend the extra and it will see you out.

I like the look of that

I’m tinning leads, not installing central heating :slight_smile:

It would be great if you need to install a new sink in the bathroom :+1:


I have a Weller WSD81, which is superb, but out of your price range.

I’d try and find something like a WTCP51 second hand. Still likely over budget, but honestly it’s worth spending the extra - it’s the difference between massive frustration vs being enjoyable.

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I was expecting, but hoping it wouldn’t happen, to get this reply. I guess the budget’s bust now.

Is this any good?

This one looks tidier…

That’s what I use although you’ll need a wider tip for some jobs. RS do various shapes & sizes of Weller bits. If you’re tinning something like speaker cable you need to be able to apply a substantial amount of heat.

Cheaper… Albeit the separate stands of the others is better.

I have an account with RS and they deliver free up here, regardless of order value!

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I knew it would go down this path :smile:

I’ll review the suggestions and source something appropriate shortly.

Couldn’t you just buy a big bag of crocodile clips?

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I had this

it was shit, broke within a year.

Get something good. Remember, buy cheap, buy twice.

Ok, I think it’s now a straight choice between 2nd hand

Or new in tatty box

Which one is best?

Looks to me as if you have to change tip to change temperature with these - not as convenient as having a dial or buttons on the base unit. Fine if you mostly use one solder type, I guess.[quote=“pmac, post:21, topic:1207, full:true”]
The second one has

_Analog temperature control _Temperature adjustable via rotary potentiometer

Ah, missed that. This may be too dear: