Recommend me a sun-lounger now the rain's back until May 2021

All in the title really, we don’t already have enough clutter that hardly ever gets used, so what would be a good, fat-cunt-proof sun lounger to sit around in drinking gin and talking shite?

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Hammock or go home.

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Perfect start. Now fuck off and play with the traffic.

Cast concrete so it’s guaranteed to be the wrong shape, in the wrong place, facing the wrong way, all the time


You. 3rd Lane. Double-quick!

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Just use a patch of grass?


Don’t get anything but aluminium.
Light. Won’t rust. Easy to leave out or pick up.
Mesh ones are airy and easy to clean.
After a lot of looking I got the “ falke “ off b and q.

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Vinyl so it bends to fit?

But what’s Sam gonna sit on?

This seems to cover some of the requirements…
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Not strong enough :unamused:

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giphy (8)


God I fucking hate Amazon and ebay so fucking much - ALL the cunts on there are selling nothing but shoddy chinese shite, all of the descriptions are inaccurate or straight-up lies… And it’s not even cheap any more…

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And so many of the “sellers” just seem to be shell operations dispatching untold amounts of total tat.

I avoid those as much as possible.

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It’s no hammock but…

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We got our outside table and chairs from Robert Dyas. It was fairly cheap but its been really good and durable.

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I’ve been looking for a nice reclining chair for the garden