Record Cleaning Machines



o Fastest clean by a factor of x3, spinning at 90RPM.
o Depth of clean is derived from fluid used brushes and method of brushing
o Fairly quiet
o Bi-directional with a vacuum nozzle for precision drying.
o Low running costs and maintenance.
o Doesn’t require liters of water.
o Cleans one side at a time, potential re-contamination issue.

o Slow clean but thoroughly dry - Programmable cycles
o Reasonably quiet
o 1.5L of water required
o x4 transducers (Variable frequency) - excellent ultrasonic effect
o manageable running costs and maintenance.
o Spare Water Tank for pure water / second rinse
o Reasonable filtration system (Could be improved)

Audio Desk
o Medium speed clean using scrubbing ‘rollers’
o Loud
o 4.5L of water required (Every time you want to do a batch unless you’re at it for the weekend
o No notable ultrasonic effect?
o High running costs (Filter / rollers / 4.5L water) and maintenance.
o Issues with water splashing onto the label occasionally
o Filtration system (Could be much improved)


Thank you for reinforcing my recent decision that I should stick with my Loricraft, rather than replacing it or augmenting it with an ultrasonic.

So what’s best?
The vid asks the question but doesn’t answer it.

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It’s something I’m interested in too, as i don’t find the results from a vacuum machine to be all that excellent. It cleans well enough, but getting an effective rinse is hard / messy work.

I’m almost tempted to get a cheap humminguru to just use as a rinse / dry machine

Edit: I can hear me some Noel Mcghie in the background :slight_smile:

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It’s a question you get to answer based on the findings above and your requirements. If you’ve got time and you’re not cleaning 10000 records, the degritter is probably best (From a depth of clean standpoint) If you are chugging though 10000 records and time is an issue from set up to cleaning cycle the Loricraft is Best.
The Audio Desk is worse in all respects outside of very very heavily soiled records which the scrubbing cycle attends to quite well (But doesn’t deep clean)

Aesthetic, build quality, maintenance, noise considerations, running costs, set up time etc each unit offers a solution / resolution to these things. For general use, the Degritter probably ticks the most boxes.

it’s Nae cheap tho is it!

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Pay cheap pay twice.

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my friend bought one, i’ll go try it out!

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I have an Audio Desk and am considering replacing it with the Degritter.

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All I can say is the Degritter MKII is stronger in virtually every respect.

That’s my impression too. By considering I mean I will at some point this year.

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My ultrasonic makes my dogs go barking.
So I tend to use the Loricraft.

If I need to I will do both in the above order to dry at the end.

As lovely as the degritter seems, it’s a luxury. You can get an ultrasonic like the velvet vortex for pounds and it is not far off the same thing bar the refinements.

I have a Velvet Vortex. If I had the £££ and the space, I would have a Loricraft too.

Record cleaning machines have no WAF in this house.

I have a Okki Nokki and have been considering
a) Selling it and buying something better
b) Keeping it and also buying a Velvet Vortex and using the VV for washing and the ON for drying


The only other consideration I’d add is the ultrasonics need a lot of fluid and you can always decant it back to a bottle and filter when you are done. There is the heat up time and energy. Once set up you can just top up as it evaporates. You are more likely setting up for a stint…
The Loricraft is more immediate as I just decant a bit of pre made fluid into a glass ramekin and use a plastic syringe to drop a known amount on the record. You could do one record and move on.

If anyone wants a Velvet Vortex I have one available, bought it September '20 from @spacehopper and it is still in the unopened boxes he sent it in :laughing:

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The drying facility is important to me. The ability to take a record straight from the cleaning machine onto the platter is something that having had the Audio Desk that I’ve gotten used to.

Obvs if you can plan ahead and wash in batches and leave to dry that will save you some money.

This is not meaty thinking! I can get a watch from the Garage for £2.99 that will tell accurate time but I don’t hanker after one - I curiously desire luxury up my sleeve.

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I was trying to be pragmatic and inclusive.

Helping the needy. Foo is clearly the way though. Introducing unobtanium metal lifters under the cleaner is said to reduce radio wave infection, for example.

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You’re doing it rong.


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