Record storage cube

Before I lose myself in trawling the endless internet universe…

I thought I’d ask!

I need a place to store records in my lounge. Enough to house a few that constitute my current rotation. The rest will be hidden away.

The criteria for the storage unit is:
Well made as it’s on show
Possibly oak or similar to tie in with the furniture.
Small, only need to house maybe 20 or so. Maybe something like a cube or half size cube.
Or a decent design box that doesn’t just look like a stray box left out!

A lot of what I can see is modular and stackable so quite bulky.
I’m also open to used stuff that may be gathering dust. My main collection will just go on cheap units hidden in a cupboard.

Something like this that I can slide down the side of my rack.
I have more room to situate like this (thin and deep) than storing face on (wide and shallow).

But not black or white and maybe a little more expensive looking!

These come in assorted wood finishes

Bob C used to do a nice runner shelf that could manage 20 or so

we use one of these:

I put some casters on, and by luck they slide nicely under the coffee table.

we also have a few of BobCs shelves, I think they’ll take maybe 8 max

here are a couple of the short shelves Bob sold in the corner of our room

WP_20151010_12_32_12_Pro by uh_simon, on Flickr

Cubes for 100 are too wide. Looking for more of a half cube.
Shelves out. And the one above is maybe ideal if it works sideways and was a lot thinner. I’m after something about six inches to ten wide really

Almost like a wood box file.

Sodders was selling a nice flip box.
Not sure if he still does but might be worth giving him a call.

The half size one may work for you. I use white ones, they’re decent enough for a DIY product

This is getting close. Walnut may work.
White or back not ideal.

I might try and spec one custom in veneer. I have just realised I know someone who could do it…

They are the Glorious ones.

I use Spybox cubes - superb quality but plain mdf finish so maybe not what your after - could give 'em a lick of paint.