Record Weights

I have a Thorens TD 1600 and am interested in trying a record weight with it but don’t want to pay £149 for the Thorens Stabilizer. Does anyone have one of a similar weight (0.55kg) that I could borrow? Would something like the Michell Clamp be a better choice?

Years ago I had a Thorens TD2010 which came with a Thorens stabilizer. It was while we lived in Melbourne.

I found the Thorens stabilizer to be 100% ineffective. It is neither heavy enough nor large enough to do the job. It does look bloody nice though.

Excuse the square single. You can see what I mean by the weight not being large enough here. It needs to cover more of/all of the label (e.g. like the SME does) to help with dished records.

Terrible record player the TD2010. Mine used to get charged up with static which would discharge with a blue flash causing the channel to change on my preamp. I couldn’t sell it fast enough.

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The Mitchel Clamp requires a bit of applied downforce to set it, but after that you aren’t loading up the bearing with additional mass which many aren’t designed for, nor have the margin for.


Clearaudio do a smartclamp that does something similar for not a lot of money.


Maybe speak to @murrayjohnson He likes Hats. The DAD clamp is very effective and doesn’t cause excessive grinding of the bearing (Weights solve one problem up top and potentially cause another down below)