Records for sale and free

I have some records and I must remedy this. They are taking up space in my basement.

These are probably worth selling, as they include a few thicc vinyls:

These are probably not, and are free:

My current preference is for someone I know to say “sure Adam, here’s a few hundred quid, I’ll take them all”, and come and pick them up.

Alternatively, if someone wants to go through and sell them all, my starting offer would be thirds each me, you and the forum.

Or anything else really. I’ll list some of them individually in a few days if this goes nowhere.

The two Yello albums, White Stripes and the Amy Winehouse please m8 :+1:


Famous blue raincoat / The river / Buena Vista & Nora J - sil vous plait



Ftfy :smile:

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I think that was quite clear tbh :grin:

Stop. Raffle time.


Would pay real money for a couple of those though, especially Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt – A Meeting By The River.
One of the very few missing from my Ry Cooder vinyl collection

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Sorry, gone to the tip already.

I’ll list them properly soon. Do I just check discogs for the value? Is there a lazy cunt system to doing this?

If there is, you’ll find it.


Indolence at its finest.

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Yes. £5 each.


I been busy sorting the basement out! I’ve moved everything, painted the floor (in sections as it’s full of junk I have to keep moving), built new storage units.

I need to get rugs, completely redo the storage drawers etc, clad the nasty stairs in wood, build a stud wall either side of the stairs and paint all that.

The records are a low priority.

Star Wars Disney Plus GIF by Disney+

Several there I’d like to buy

You could take them to Empire Records for a job lot price if you wanted a quick and easy solution. I would ask a separate price for the Jennifer Warnes though.

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Latest value of J W box set if it helps …courtesy of disqoes

Will very much depend on condition it’s an audiophile special. (special meaning special needs in terms of buyers, sealed is king)

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