Records fs

Ecu on car has gone again,so need to unload some stuff

Postage for them will be £4 each,or £4 for however many I can cram in under 2kg

All the records are in superb condition,and most look unplayed

First up

Cover slightly wavy,record excellent £20

All these are £15 each,all are original not reissue

£10 each below

Will sort out more over weekend

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I remember some of these from that collection the other week. Condition is nice.

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Could I stick Kirsty MacColl on a pile for now whilst you post some more over the weekend.


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Hi stu

Can I pile the tom petty please


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£10 each plus postage

£15 each plus postage
Bob Marley is original 77 embossed cover has wear on cover,but record in lovely condition
Soft cell reissue played once

ABBA lps £5 each plus postage
Fergal £5

Hot rats played once £35

Feeding the monkeys unplayed but opened

Start me a pile with:
Robert Cray
The Doors Alive She Cried


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Yes please?

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All £20 each plus postage

Juju is 180g 2018 reissue open but unplayed
Tin drum is 2018 180g reissue open but unplayed
Quiet life 2021 red reissue played once

Will try and get the rest up over the next few days

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Can I add Quiet Life to the pile please.

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All records are in superb shape

£5 each

Closer clear vinyl 40th reissue sealed

All below £10 each
Dire straits inner is split
Records all look in very good condition

Siouxsie the scream opened but not played
2018 reissue



Will get the last lot up tomorrow

Last couple
I’ll have a quick look tomorrow,but think the rest are classical so doubt I’ll bother

Don’t know if I’ve played this or not,either way it looks unplayed


2015 180g reissue open but unplayed


Could I add Nick Cave to the pile please and PM me a total and payment details.

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Can you hold on to the Pretenders for me Stu

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Couple more
Simple minds is still sealed £30

Dire straits on every street,cover and record in excellent condition £35