Reducing the hoard

My collection of shite has become a storage burden, therefore its time to get rid of stuff. Trouble is I have no idea of values of stuff and I can’t stand selling to Ebay loons. Anybody got a recommend for dealers of S/H tat who don’t fleece you or are prepared to do multiple item part ex deals.

I’ll take it all. Best prices, guv’.


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Great, do you want it delivered?

Collection is cheaper (hoping for a Hoxton visit at the same time :wink:)

Although, you would be most welcome to deliver and stay a while :+1:

Take the lot and I’ll buy you all the Devastators you can eat, I’ll put you up as well. I might even help you carry it all home

I’ve bought and sold stuff with K4Pog / Pogiboy / John Pogson who advertises on Ebay & Pinkfish, used to on WW. ( first found him on Ebay, now i just email direct). Good guy, and fair with prices, based near Colchester.

Cheers, does he have a website?

No, but here’s his listing page from PF, with a phone number…

And Ebay…


:+1: thanks

Why don’t you post some of it on here? Might get better prices than a dealer?




Ok on the advice of Wayne, here’s some of the stuff available;
Sonic frontiers Line 2 pre
Rehdeko RK115
Rehdeko RK125 or RK50 depending on what I decide to keep
DNM 3c pre and PA1 power
Project RS phono stage
Graaf GM 20 OTL
Audio Note kit 1
Luxman PD 300 with Audiomods V or Luxman/Micro seiki arm (cant remember model number)
Quad ESL 63 all new panels and some spare ones with custom American Ash frames
some vintage stax earphones with transformer (will dig em out and update with model no)
Stax Srm 1- mk2 Professional headphone amp
Pair Quad II with GEC KT66’s
and other stuff I will need to drag out
Open to (reasonable) offers
Will probably do some proper listings in the classifieds ( with photos and stuff) unless I shift it all elsewhere

Some lovely stuff there :thumbsup:

(Ponders matching the GM20 with my 13.5B preamp :thinking:)

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He sells on the Wam, (or used to)

Looks a bit better than tat to me.

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I’ll give you £100 for it all.

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I’ll raise you to a grand :laughing:

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OOH a 13.5, wanna sell it,
Damn I’m ill

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