Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Fuck you CD. This is the way to listen to classical music at home. :smiley:


Mono or stereo for the Rach/Dohnanyi (got both on record here)?


Stereo. I’ve got it on LP too so it’ll be interesting to compare. Was just playing the Mendelssohn Italian symphony top left. (another London Decca recording). Outstanding quality.


Braun Tape Machine about £500 Audiomarkt


About £900 on Audiomarkt.

Spring Air GmbH has quite a few.


Strewth, nice - by way of coincidence, I looked at the vinyl versions of no less than four of those in the charity shop yesterday - too scruffy to risk, but certainly on the want-to-try list.


That looks familiar :sunglasses: and no way is it 900 quids worth.




Very nice.


Do you want me to post your tapes back or bring them to Lopwell?


Middle column, 3rd row…he is a little scary.




Lopwell is fine Guy, no rush.


Is the Reel-A-disco coming to Lopwell?




Any oldtimers remember that picture Icehockeyboy used to post all the time with him sporting the bad 80s mustache and meeting Elton John?
Look at the DJ in the background :scream:


Real name Craig Strong -

Not that I stalk him or anything… :cupid: :broken_heart:


Taken just before his 1973 porn star audition?


He’d certainly like to think so!

Most deliciously trollable forumite ever~sigh~


Nah, too much like shooting fish in a barrel.