Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss

No. I should really. At the moment I’m pursuing a different direction inspired by some of the R2R stuff we heard in Denmark.

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Oh boy…

It’s a whole other world of obsession & expense if not approached carefully. :grinning:


Yep no need for any additional caveats.

If I can get a particular deal together I’ll bring a machine & some tapes to Jim’s.

The whole subject warrants & will get a thread of its own soon.


Please no !

I have attained a nice level of audio satisfaction in the last few months and do not need any further enticements as I do have a particular weakness for nice looking R2R’s.

Oh yeah, I have a Tandberg 64 and a Revox PR99 now.

Sounds a daft question but what are you playing on them?

I have 1 tape, this is not a format I am investing in.

Having aquired the Tandberg in a group deal with some Quad amps. The Revox was an impluse purchase with a view to hawking it on for some filthy moolah.

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@murrayjohnson has spotted the latest trend just as it’s developing. R2R will be playing in all bearded establishments soon enough.

Bugger, I have R2R and beard - such a cliché.


Maybe beards will be out with vinyl, can’t tell at this stage. Maybe @murrayjohnson can help to inform us.

I have no beard.

I’m sure your body will reach puberty some day.


:thinking: since when?

There are too many short gorillas on here already.

“My lord, you have a woman’s chin…”

Which explains a lot



I’m certainly not any sort of early adopter with this. But it’s been interesting to look at how this area can be approached without being prepared to shell out $500 per tape and the entry cost of a suitable machine to play 15 ips Tape Project (and other) newly produced tapes.

It’s been instructive to look at what was (and is now) available (both in terms of hardware & software) for domestic use back in the 60’s & 70’s when R2R was at its peak popularity. It’s one thing to get into it as far as the late Stuart from Lodgesound was with his massive studio machines but I’m not prepared to make that kind of commitment. However, it’s been interesting to survey what pre-recorded tapes can be bought now & what semi-pro machines can be bought to play them on without breaking the bank.

NB: It does really require a fondness for classical & jazz. There’s also an awful lot of uninteresting shite (Ray Conniff etc) The classic rock albums are fewer & further between and I’d like to know what the various record companys’ strategies were in terms of which albums they chose to release on tape alongside LPs & Cassettes 8 Track, Elcassette etc.

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I have a very nice condition Revox B77 and I’ve been buying pre recorded tapes for a while now (not played any yet, due to music room completion failure) One of the more interesting purchases was a batch (about 10 I think) of 10 1/2 inch reels originally from BBC radio. The seller, who bought them from an ex BBC employee, has no idea what is on them. There are various numbers and letters on them but nothing that indicates content. Most of them have ‘used once’ written on them. Be nice if there was some previously unheard Tony Hancock or a Led Zeppelin demo tape. :grinning: