Refer all the things

I’ve been using referral codes all over the place recently and yes, I want some of that sweet, sweet action.

Use this thread for shameless self-promotion. Doesn’t matter if you have the same referrals to give out. It’s a thunderdome. Always be closing.

Choose coffee

Choose phones

Choose electricity

Choose Teslas

Free shares! (Not GameStop)




I actually had no fucking clue what that was. Cheers.

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It’s winning.

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I switched to this recently in the hope that I’d find a dog found that my fussy staffie will eat straight away.
So far it seems to have done the trick. :crossed_fingers:
I’ve got a couple codes left if anyone is interested.
Posted in dog thread too.

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Octopus (£50 each)

Plenty on here have Octopus :octopus: so no excuse not to use one of us!

Its Cybertruck or bust for me and its not yet showing on your referral options.

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You can sign up for one with a deposit. And add the referral later I think.
Another year until they are online I expect. USA first.
They may have closed it due to the volume!

Already done :wink:


We can both get 20% off MEAT!!

anyone got a bulb referral apart from andy who i used last time


Blacks have 10% off several ranges atm plus an additional 15% off with code MARCH15 when you checkout
I just snaffled one of these…

Is the hood detachable ?