Rega arms


They used to be screwed on, as in the arm tube and stub are threaded, not sure these days


Think all the 250s are threaded


Yeah I don’t mean the part that the weight moves along , I meant the stub is normally screwed into the end of the arm tube. I’m not sure if they are glued as well.


Think the newer ones are glued but don’t think the older 250/300 were.

I swapped out the stub for a michel tecnoweight about 10 years ago on a 250 and just used pliers to undo the stub and it was easy.


Nah - the RB300 is better and worth the extra over the 250, IMHO


Has anyone got a metal stub and weight for a 250 they want to sell?
Looking for around 140g for the pair weight wise.

Was looking at getting a michell one,but at £100 it will have to weight :upside_down_face:


Always thought the RB200 was a better arm back in the day - pity the bias bands all melted :frowning_face:


Go to the stores and ask for a long weight, while you’re at it get me a lefthanded screwdriver.


And a long stand and some sky hooks.


That is my understanding. All the 00 series should be screwed only, the inferior 01 series are glued.