Rega arms

Any good,especially the 250 and 300.I’ve had a few 200s,but can’t remember ever using a 250-300.

Need to get a cheap arm when funds permit,and since the armboard is set up for one,it seems the logical choice.

Would be used with a hana el

They are very adequate :+1:

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Rb250 is the best one, as it doesn’t use the spring to set the tracking weight. Add some foo like a techno weight :slight_smile:


Originlive counterweight is moar bestest.

Considering it’s nearly the same price as the tecnoweight I’d disagree with that. The nicest thing about the Michell is it comes with two weights, and has markers for adjusting the force by 0.1gram, super duper.

If only someone with a CNC machine could make an affordable copy of one of them…

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I couldn’t make the Michell, Speedy Steve does nice weights though I think.

and makes a considerable improvement to the sq, firms everything up well, takes the standard Rega up a notch.

What I found with Rega tonearms, after using a 250 for something like 20 years and through various other modded 250’s 300’s and a Technoarm, is that the better they get, the more weird the soundstage gets. They tend to isolate instruments and performers in space in a big wide 3D scape but those elements all sound physically small. Lots of air between but physically small. In contrast, in this budget-ish sector of the tonearm market I found I preferred Jelco’s in that they sounded a bit looser, but players in the soundstage have the right scale and instruments. Also things like a Jazz trumpet have more a live bite and rasp. More visceral. I found even more of that in Fidelity Research tonearms. Anyway my 2p on Rega’s.


If you want to borrow a nice (Rega fit) tonearm, I’ll happily send you one which you can use for a few months. You could return it at Lopwell, if that helps?


Cheers for offer Paul,might get back to you soon on that :+1:


The one I have is lovely.

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Would like to try one of the FR24 arms one day,have no idea if they are any good though.

I hated the 300 I had. Much prefer my LAD (jelco).

I disagree.


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Bet you were delighted you got to use that.

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It felt good yes :grin:

How easy are the stubs to take off on the 250,read somewhere that they were glued on.